Kale-SHVLS Engine Series HVLS, which is driven by PMSM advanced drive, is named SHVLS (Super High Volume Low Speed). It is the most advanced solution in the world of HVLS industry, representing the future development trend of HVLS industry. Kale R & D team masters the latest core technology of PMSM in the world and has solved the industrial issues in terms of the large torque and low speed. We developed the first super large diameter SHVLS in China by using mature technology. We named it Engine Series, and all the performance indexes of this product reached the highest level in the world.

Application areas Industrial application:Workshop / logistics storage warehouse
Sports industry:gym / gymnasium / indoor sports field / training room
Leisure and entertainment:large amusement park / animal botanical garden / children's playground
Traffic hub:Railway Station / high speed railway station / car station / subway station / terminal
Commercial sites:Exhibition Center / 4S store / major professional product distribution market / large shopping mall and supermarket
Other areas:the front office / Villa / canteen / Museum / large outdoor business lease of the office building...
The characteristics of the engine are fully and vividly embodied in our products Light weight:the host height is only 0.3m, and the overall weight is less than 80kg.
No maintenance required:adopting PMSM motor, electromagnetic induction principle, no maintenance required.
Fantastic appearance:the design inspiration comes from the engine turbine.
More energy-saving:the use of the most stringent requirements, the overall service life for more than 15 years.
Hyper silence:the application of PMSM makes the engine noise index less than 40dB for the first time.

Main Components Tech

  • PMSM Technology
  • Superlative industrial design
  • Transmission technology
  • Kale Airfoil Blades fan model
  • PMSM Technology

    PMSM technology has the characteristics of high speed / torque ratio, better dynamic flexibility, high efficiency, long life, low noise, wide speed range and so on. It is the highest standard of HVLS industry in the world. Through the company’s design and development for many years, the current master of application of PMSM in the HVLS industry theory and the most cutting-edge technology, and transformed into productive forces. We have proved through the actual performance, the product greatly exceeded the performance of kale all foreign HVLS products, reached world leading level, proved Chinese wisdom and Chinese manufacturing capabilities to the world!

  • Superlative industrial design

    The design of impact and infection has broken through the application of fan as a functional product, and has become the art of adding space grade. At the same time, it also transfers the new style of energy saving and environmental protection to the heart of every feeling.
    The R & D team added a substantial number of options to the product for the users to choose. For example, the user can choose the appropriate color to match the original architectural style, and can also increase the practical function of the LED lamp, etc.

  • Transmission technology

    Select SKF to increase the bearing, CNC high precision carving and milling process, high precision process matching. The stability of the transmission system and the long service life are guaranteed.

  • Kale Airfoil Blades fan model

    Imported special high strength aero magnesium aluminum alloy, surface fluorocarbon paint treatment, aerodynamics leaf type. Kale Airfoil patent Blades model fan unique design: buildin three sets of reinforcing system, strengthen the blade strength, completely avoid the fan blades on the end of sagging and fatigue loss of connected components.


  • Engine (4.9M) Brand: Kale
    Technical specifications: 16ft (4.9M)
    Model: SHVLS-D6BAA49
    Full volume: 588000m³/h
    Maximum speed: 100RPM
    Body weight of the fan: 64kg
    Motor power: 0.6Kw
    Noise level: 39dB (A)
    Full load current: 3.0Amps/220V

  • Engine (5.5m) Brand: Kale
    Technical specifications: 18ft (5.5m)
    Model: SHVLS-D6BAA55
    Full volume: 633000m³/h
    Maximum speed: 80RPM
    Body weight of the fan: 68kg
    Motor power: 0.7Kw
    Noise level: 38dB (A)
    Full load current: 3.6Amps/220V

  • Engine (6.1m) Brand: Kale
    Technical specifications: 20ft (6.1m)
    Model: SHVLS-D6BAA61
    Full volume: 700800m³/h
    Maximum speed: 70RPM
    Body weight of the fan: 73Kg
    Motor power: 0.8Kw
    Noise level: 41dB (A)
    Full load current: 4.0Amps/220V

Installation Condition

Kale Environmental Corporation has a number of engineers who have rich experience in electrical, mechanical and architectural areas. In view of the different structural stress analysis, we can provide the most reasonable installation plan; for all kinds of buildings, we have the installation conditions for installation construction.
We know that installation is essentially important. Therefore, in the process of operation, there are strict operational rules and installation standards. Our professional technology and high requirements will eliminate all your doubts.

1. installation scheme, customized
2. lift truck installation, well equipped
3. level, height, balance debugging, rich experience
4. dynamic balance test and smooth operation
5. fasteners have the standard of torque to achieve the best fastener
6. installation process, concise Science



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