As a advanced ventilation&cooling equipment, industrial ceiling fan is used widely. And explosion-proof series can be used in some special areas, such as coal, petrochemical, biological medicine. The safety explanation of explosion-proof series as below:
Explosion-proof equipment all passed anti-explosion certificate by national authorized organization.

Static electricity and electric spark:

  • The fan body is made by metal materials, effectively grounded.
  • The rotate speed is only 50RPM.
  • The fan is rigid connection, no mechanical friction apart from motor.

In conclusion, the fan will not cause static electricity and electric spark.


  • Motor system
  • Control system
  • Hub
  • Fan blade technology
  • Winglet
  • Motor system

    Under the condition of normal running, adopting some mechanical, electric and heating protection measures in motor system to avoid occurring dangers such as electric arc, electric spark or high temperature, which guarantees the safety.
    Provide anti-explosion certificate passed by national authorized organization.

  • Control system

    (1) The shellof control cabinet is made by welded steel plate or molded aluminum, and thesurface is painted by high voltage static. In general, the fan whole bodyadopts the combined structure of explosive-proof shell and increased safetyshell.
    (2) Inside ifexplosive-proof shell, there can be installed with explosive-proof components,such as explosive-proof button, components, signal lights, switches andordinary electric components, such as ac contractor, thermorelay, temperaturecontroller and other all kinds of functional modules. The buttons, switches,instruments inside are all explosive-proof components.

  • 1500T Hot forging & numerical control machining & CNC precise machining

    The hub made by 1500T Hot forging, numerical control machining and CNC precise machining. Forging is able to confirm the consistency of metal structure, which can keep the inside structure and the outside shape of forged pieces consistent. Complete streamline structure of the metal confirms the best mechanical property of the hub. By CNC machining, the precision tolerance has been controlled in 100um, which guarantees the precise dynamic balance of the hub.

  • New Kale Airfoil Blades

    Adopt imported special high strength aircraft grade magnalium, PVFD processed in surface, and aerodynamics fan blade design. Kale new special patent——Kale Airfoil Blades, there is 3 sets strengthening support system inside, which increases the strength of fan blade and avoids the drop of fan blade tail and the loss and fatigue of fan blade to connecting pieces completely.

  • Aerodynamics Winglet

    The kind of empennage isalways seen among airplanes and motorcycle races, but it’s not designed for beauty. Eddies will be formed in the end of the streamlined fan blade while airflow is running. With winglet, this part of energy loss will be avoided,fan will run steadily, which will bring economic effect.


  • EURUS-Ex SERIES(7.3m) Brand:KALE
    Air volume:13050m³/min
    Max speed:55RPM
    Fan weight:140kg
    Full load current:3.5Amps/380V 5.7Amps/220V
    Noise level:40dB(A)

  • EURUS-Ex SERIES(6.1m) Brand:KALE
    Air volume:12150m³/min
    Max speed:65RPM
    Fan weight:125kg
    Full load current:3.5Amps/380V 5.7Amps/220V
    Noise level:40dB(A)

  • EURUS-Ex SERIES(5.5m) Brand:KALE
    Air volume:11850m³/min
    Max speed:70RPM
    Fan weight:113Kg
    Full load current:3.5Amps/380V 5.7Amps/220V
    Noise level:40dB(A)

Installation Condition

Installation Condition

  • Building structure: H-beam, I-beam, concrete, bent frame structure, spherical structure etc.
  • Building total height is required more than 4.5M.
  • Safe distance between fan blade and obstacles is more than 0.3M, and the height between installation point and below obstacles, such as crane, is 1.2M.
  • Input power: 380V or 220V



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