5 Benefits of Using Large Industrial Fans

  • 2022-05-31 23:25:08
  • Author: KALE FANS

In today's increasingly scarce natural resources, more and more enterprises and individuals have joined the ranks of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Kale Fans independently developed a series of large-scale industrial fans. This product has the characteristics of large coverage, low energy consumption, and obvious effect of improving the working environment.
A comfortable working environment can improve the work efficiency of staff! But can the factory air circulate? Is the temperature suitable? These may affect the working state of the staff, but it is too unrealistic to use central air conditioning in the factory. What should we do?

At this point we can choose to use KALE FANS industrial ceiling fans! Industrial fan is a large fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters. This large industrial fan covers a large area, which is not only easy to clean, but also helps enterprises solve the problems of large noise and high energy consumption. An energy-saving industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters can effectively covers an area of 2000 square meters, consumes 1.5 kWh of electricity per hour, and has outstanding energy-saving effect. It is suitable for large spaces such as logistics and storage, workshops and garages.

What are the specific benefits of industrial big fans, follow us to get the answer!

The first advantage: the industrial fan gives people the feeling of comfort, it can form a breeze system like nature, we only need to use the variable frequency stepless speed control system, we can enjoy the beauty of life brought by the industrial fan; In addition, the industrial large fans are cost-effective, not only beautiful, but also durable. The life of each fan can reach more than 10 years. Industrial large fans can also help enterprises save energy and reduce consumption. The effective coverage area of air volume can reach more than 1,000 square meters, and the power consumption is only 1.5KW , can be called a model of energy saving.

Second advantage: natural ventilation

In a tall and wide enclosed space, this kind of ventilation effect is not obvious. For example, there is a large amount of soot, moisture and carbon dioxide in the factory building, which are mostly concentrated at the bottom of the building. The roof negative pressure fan does nothing to the air in all corners. At this time, a large industrial fan is needed to accelerate the air flow in the workshop and create a natural ventilation environment.

The third advantage: dehumidification

If the ventilation and cooling conditions in the building are poor, the quality of products may be reduced, and even a lot of losses and waste may be caused! Large industrial fans prevent air condensation and reduce bacteria and mildew. Because the large industrial fan significantly enhances the air flow and controls the condensation of air on the floor or metal surface, it can make your working environment cleaner, drier, more comfortable and safer.

The fourth advantage: the industrial large fan is used in conjunction with the air conditioner, which can be used in spring and autumn. When the temperature is 20-34 ℃, for large shopping malls, it simply cannot work properly without turning on the air conditioner. In such weather, after choosing to apply a commercial energy-saving large fan, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner, and it will also bring you a comfortable feeling of natural ventilation and cooling, and the energy-saving effect is very significant.

The fifth advantage: It can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, and form a certain height of airflow layer on the ground to move horizontally, thereby promoting the overall air circulation, covering the entire space in an all-round way, and accelerating the circulation of air.

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