Cooling Solution Leader——Kale HVLS Ceiling Fan

  • 2022-08-14 23:01:40
  • Author: Kale Fans

HVLS commercial ceiling fans can drive the flow of airflow through the slow rotation of the huge fan blades, thereby generating a continuous three-dimensional circulation of natural wind.

A large area of breeze flow can accelerate the evaporation rate of sweat on the human body surface, so it can produce natural cooling. It is just like a person who just feels the cool breeze from the sea after swimming, so that the skin on the human surface can feel the temperature difference of 4-6 degrees Celsius.
Large HVLS industrial fans and commercial HVLS fans enhance the comfort of the human body by changing the size of the wind speed to regulate the body temperature while keeping the body hydrated.

Let's take a look at the charm of industrial ceiling fans and commercial ceiling fans!

1. Wide coverage

Super-large diameter commercial ceiling fans (3.6 meters and 4.2 meters) promote orderly air flow in a wide range, and the effective approximate coverage area of each fan exceeds 450 square meters;

2. 360° all-round air circulation, ventilation without blind area

The airflow is pushed towards the ground in a conical shape from top to bottom, and flows in the horizontal direction when it reaches the ground, so as to strengthen the all-round, multi-angle air circulation;

3. All-weather ventilation and cooling

Available 365 days, cool in spring and autumn, comfortable in summer and winter;

4. Optimize the cooling effect and realize the energy saving of the air conditioner

When used in combination with the air cooler or air conditioner, it can achieve the cooling effect of natural ventilation; when used in combination with the central air conditioner, it can increase the set temperature of the air conditioner, thereby achieving high efficiency and energy saving and reducing electricity costs;

5. Energy saving in winter

When heating is required in winter, it can be rotated at a low speed to effectively utilize the heat flow air close to the stratification of the building roof;

6. Adjust the air humidity and keep it dry

Large industrial and commercial ceiling fans can reduce indoor air humidity, keep the space dry, and prevent the goods from being damp and mildewed, and the equipment from rusting.

7. Exchange with outdoor fresh air, the indoor air environment is better

The flowing air can be quickly exchanged with outdoor air through doors and windows or roof fans, reducing the retention of turbid and hot indoor air, ensuring a healthy and comfortable working environment;

8. Comfortable cooling of the human body

The continuous gentle breeze can accelerate the evaporation of sweat on the surface of the human body to produce a cool cooling effect, making the human body feel the temperature difference effect of about 5-7 °C;

9. Safe and convenient, beautiful decoration

The HVLS ceiling fan is installed in the space above 4 meters from the ground, and the fan is fixed on the structural beam by the clamp, which will not affect the working process of any groundwork area, beautiful, atmospheric, safe and reliable. The installation of kale's commercial HVLS ceiling fan will naturally form a beautiful landscape. 

Commercial HVLS ceiling fan is a large air volume and low speed fan with a diameter of 6.5ft to 10ft, mainly used in gyms, stadiums, sports centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, schools, restaurants, hotels, churches, mosques and other commercial applications. Kale commercial ceiling fan is very energy-saving and comfortable, welcome to contact us for the best ventilation and cooling solution and become our best partner!