How To Determine HVLS Fans Installation Position

  • 2023-03-10 14:46:40
  • Author: Kale Fans

The number and location of industrial large ceiling fan installation should be determined according to the site conditions. Mainly from the following 3 points to analyze.

First, the distance between the horizontal plane of the fan blade and the roof. This area is called the air storage area, and the huge industrial ceiling fan can produce a huge volume of 13,000 cubic meters of air per minute. After calculation, the optimal height of the air storage area is above 3 meters. If the height of the fan blades and the roof cannot be guaranteed to be above 3 meters because of the restrictions of the traveling car or the roof height, the number of fans needs to be increased appropriately in this case.

Second, the height of the horizontal surface of the fan blade from the ground. This height determines the coverage of the wind. When the blade height from the ground is 6-8 meters, the wind pressure is stronger, but the coverage area is smaller; when the blade height from the ground is 9-13 meters, the wind pressure is slightly smaller, but the coverage area increases 20-30%; when the blade level is higher than 14 meters, the effect will gradually weaken. Therefore, if the fan blade horizontal surface height from the ground is 6-8 meters, should increase the fan density in order to perfectly cover the area. 9-13 meters, the fan density can be appropriately reduced; when the blade horizontal surface is higher than 14 meters and above, the effect will be weakened, the need to use the extension pole, reduce the distance between the blade and the ground.

Third, the ground structure. If the ground equipment, more partitions, more complex structure, will greatly affect the effect of wind diffusion, need to appropriately increase the number of large ceiling fans. When the ground is uncovered, a 7.3m large fan covers an area of about 1500㎡-2000㎡, and the distance between two industrial large ceiling fans is 20-30m, which is more appropriate.

EURUS III series fan is a new type of fan based on PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) technology developed by Kale Fans; its maximum diameter can reach 7.3 meters. The product combines advanced technology such as aerodynamics, transmission dynamics, pulse width modulation control technology, mechanics, simulation technology, communication control, industrial design, etc. It is manufactured with advanced precision processing equipment at home and abroad. It can promote the circulation of airflow in the space at a very high efficiency to cool personnel and greatly improve the comfort of the environment. 

◆ Air volume up to 14,800m³/min                    
◆ Three -dimensional natural breeze effect  
◆ Wind speed 1-4m/s infinitely adjustable                                                
◆ Human body 5-8℃ cooling sensation
◆ Overall airflow circulation for high ambient  
◆ Comfortable and soft wind
◆ Dilution of smoke and dust                            
◆ Dehumidification
◆ Eliminate odor