HVLS Fan for Ventilation and Cooling of Dairy Farm

  • 2022-09-02 00:34:00
  • Author: Kale Fans

HVLS (high volume low speed) Fans are the best ventilation option available to dairy farmers and livestock farmers.

The installation of large industrial ceiling fans in dairy farms can fully save space and promote air circulation. Different from the cooling principle of traditional small fans, due to the use of large-blade fans, large areas of air circulate and flow, thereby creating a comfortable and cool environment and effective natural ventilation. Moisture gas can be removed from dairy farms.

The establishment of large-scale dairy farms has high requirements on the environment of the cowshed. The weather is hot in summer, and the ventilation and cooling of the cowshed have a great impact on the growth and development of cow. The cow body needs to dissipate heat and discharge toxic and harmful gases from the cow body. To solve these problems, good ventilation conditions are required. Poor ventilation can greatly affect cow health, comfort, and milk production. Therefore, the ventilation of dairy farms is very important, and industrial ceiling fans play a great role in dairy farms.

Installing a large industrial fan that integrates ventilation and cooling can create a good breeding environment for dairy farms and hatcheries. At the same time, it can keep the farms dry and clean, thereby reducing the chance of bacterial reproduction and reducing the incidence of livestock. Cooling down by large industrial fans can also make livestock feel more comfortable, which can improve the milk production rate of dairy cows and the slaughter rate of livestock.

Large industrial ceiling fans can increase the air circulation speed in the cow body area, which can alleviate and reduce the harm of high temperature to cow. The maximum length of the industrial ceiling fan blade is 7.3 meters, and the effective coverage area of each fan is more than 1,000 square meters. The airflow formed by the fan blades is pushed from the top to the ground in a cone shape and flows horizontally to the ground, thus strengthening the air circulation in all directions and angles. The cow will feel the three-dimensional natural wind and achieve a good cooling effect.

6 benefits of installing HVLS ceiling fans at dairy farms:

  1. 🔣 Create a comfortable and cool environment

🔣 Keep dry and clean to reduce bacterial growth

🔣 Boost milk production

🔣 Energy saving and cost reduction

🔣 Improve air quality and cow health

🔣 Keep away pesky flies

Large industrial ceiling fans perfectly solve the problems of cooling and ventilation of dairy farms, reduce the risk of disease, and avoid the occurrence of large areas of infection, to reduce losses from the root.

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