Is it Necessary to Install a HVLS Fan in Winter

  • 2022-01-13 01:46:06
  • Author: KALE FANS

In some countries and regions, the damp and cold winter makes the materials in industrial plants and warehousing and logistics workshops damp and deformed, causing material costs to rise; at the same time, employees feel cold when working in this area, reducing work efficiency.

In order to improve the ventilation conditions, many industrial plants and workshops choose to install roof negative pressure fans, but this ventilation way in the tall and empty environment, is very limited.
KALE FANS is the world’s second largest industrial fan manufacturer and exporter in China, which has been exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

Kale Fans can effectively replace the small range of ventilation in winter, powerfully accelerate air flow, and control air condensation on the ground and metal surfaces of the plant, making the working environment more dry, comfortable and safe, and can effectively improve the work efficiency of employees.
Panalpina, one of the world’s largest freight logistics groups, has solved the problem of ventilation and dehumidification for the warehouse workshop with the help of Kale fans large fans.
When heating in winter, the space of plant and warehouse is large, so heating cannot be evenly distributed in each space.

The temperature at the top is often higher than the ground, and the body temperature of employees is relatively low, resulting in the waste of electricity and energy.

KALE HVLS fan, running at low speed, can easily mix the hot air gathered at the top of the building with the air on the ground, eliminating the hot and cold separation layer and raising the average temperature of the ground;

A full range of three-dimensional air supply improves the efficiency of heating energy in winter, so that employees can feel the spring breeze in the factory, naturally and comfortably, and greatly improve work efficiency.

What We Propose

Install hvls fans in advance to reduce energy consumption and save costs in winter

In the cold winter, only relying on air conditioners to adjust indoor temperature is not conducive to energy saving, emission reduction and cost reduction of enterprises, and it also violates the concept of sustainable development of green industry.

If KALE energy-saving hvls ceiling fans is used in conjunction with air conditioning, heating and other ventilation equipment, it will greatly reduce the energy consumption of the enterprise and save costs.

Installation of KALE FANS energy saving hvls ceiling fans in winter, short delivery cycle. Because of the large demand for energy-saving fans in summer, the number of orders and production cycles have increased.

If you choose to install a large hvls fan at a staggered peak, you can not only put it into use as soon as possible, but also greatly reduce the energy consumption cost of the enterprise and help the enterprise implement the national low-carbon and energy-saving strategic goal faster.
As a leading enterprise in HVLS ceiling fan industry, KALE FANS has been adhering to the mission of ”manufacturing excellent products and providing quality services” for more than ten years, providing environmental improvement products for enterprises.

KALE has successfully provided professional and personalized products to tens of thousands of enterprises.
In the future, it will help enterprises move towards low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable development, and make every effort to achieve China's "dual-carbon' goal.