Large Warehouse Ventilation And Cooling Solution

  • 2022-12-16 14:26:48
  • Author: Kale Fans

Warehouses include warehouses for storing items, transportation and transmission facilities (cranes, elevators, slides, etc.), transmission pipelines and equipment for entering and leaving warehouses, fire-fighting facilities, management rooms, etc. In addition to warehouses, there are also warehouses, which are an important part of modern logistics activities. Although they are "flowing" warehouses, there are "iron-strike" hvls fans. hvls fans are widely used in industrial occasions to help solve the ventilation of large spaces and cooling issues.

There are problems in large warehouse:

1. The construction area is very large, the work of employees is very mobile, and it is difficult to cool down.

2. General logistics and storage are all steel structure workshops. In summer, the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature.

3. The large building area and poor air circulation lead to generally poor working environment and low work efficiency for employees. It not only brings harm to the health of employees, but also seriously affects the production efficiency of the factory.


So we recommend Kale HVLS fan to you, Kale Fans has specialized in HVLS fan since from 2010, always keeping updation and innovation to help solve clients' various practical ventilation and cooling issue. For large warehouse, we have 3 kinds of ventilation solutions:

1. EURUS III Industrial Large Ceiling Fan: The area covered by a 7.3m diameter EURUS III is approximately equal to the coverage area of 50 units of small 0.75m fans. For example, in a 9000-square-meter factory, it is hoped to achieve full coverage. A small fan needs about 300 units, while a EURUSIII industrial energy-saving fan only needs 6 units. According to the use of 4 years, 8 months per year, 10 hours per day, about 10,000 hours of total operation, EURUSIII consumes 90000kW·h, small fan 1080000kW·h, energy saving 990000 kW·h, energy saving 92%! The industrial ceiling fan is installed on the top of the warehouse, about 5 meters above the ground, does not occupy the ground space, avoids the danger caused by the collision between personnel and handling equipment, and ensures the safety of employees.



2. Airmove Large Portable Fan: the total height of the fan is 2m, and the four casters can move freely indoors and outdoors. The fan blades are driven by PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motors with large output. Airmove can bring the cooling effect equivalent to more than 20 sets of small fans.The fan is light and durable as a whole, and can be applied to most places with more complicated environments.

3. Airfree Wall Mounted Fan: The total height is 2m, and the air can be oriented according to site requirements. The fan blades are driven by PMSM with large output. In the hot summer, the Airfree series can bring a cooling effect equivalent to more than 20 sets of small fans, which can be applied to most complex environments. 

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