The Secret Of HVLS Fans With Large Air Volume

  • 2023-02-24 15:34:33
  • Author: Kale Fans

The air volume is determined by multiple factors such as the windward area of the fan blades, the rotational speed, and the windward angle.

At present, the speed and windward angle of large industrial fans on the market are generally the same. In order to increase the windward area of the fan blades, the fan motor is required to provide greater torque, thereby providing greater air volume. High torque is inseparable from a motor platform with better performance,

Known as the "heart" of fans!

The performance of the traditional geared motor and the PMSM motor of the large fan are similar?

As the "heart" of industrial fans, the motor platform is inconspicuous, but it determines the performance of a product.

Geared motors are often used in traditional solutions, but the following situations always occur:

∎ Generate noise, due to the friction between the gears of the motor reducer, usually the noise is more than 50dB.

∎ Insufficient energy saving. Due to the problem of the motor form, it is difficult for the traditional geared motor to achieve the first-level energy efficiency.

∎The motor needs maintenance, and the traditional geared motor has a gear box component, and the lubricating oil of the gear box needs to be replaced regularly.

Kale Fans PMSM motor platform can solve the above pain points!

∎ The PMSM motor platform is a brushless direct drive motor without a gear reducer, and the noise is lower during operation.

∎ The PMSM motor platform relies on permanent magnets to generate a magnetic field, and the power will not be consumed, which saves electricity costs and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

∎ There is no need to change the lubricating oil of the gearbox, and the motor is completely maintenance-free.

In the process of adapting to market changes, Kale Fans always puts energy.

Concentrate on the research and development of motor platforms that meet the application requirements,

After polishing the platform technology and repeated tests and experiments, Kale fans finally perfected the core of PMSM technology. Kale fans PMSM motor has a complete independent intellectual property rights system, developed according to the characteristics of the HVLS industry, so as to realize the application in more places.

Wide range of applications and high protection level.

In order to further broaden the application field, the fans installed indoors often have to withstand the test of high temperature and even harsh working conditions. The kale fans PMSM motor platform not only has good heat dissipation performance, but also has a sealing line on the motor waist, which further improves the sealing performance of the motor. Ensure that all kinds of special scenarios can be dealt with calmly.