Why The Effect Of Industrial Fan Is So Different?

  • 2022-10-28 00:46:12
  • Author: Kale Fans

First of all, industrial ceiling fans must choose a manufacturer of good quality. This can be identified by the qualification of the manufacturer, the number of years of establishment, whether there are cases in the industry, etc.

Secondly, a professional large industrial fan manufacturer will provide a personalized ventilation and cooling plan according to the actual needs of users and after on-site inspection, which is a bit very important.

1. Is the hvls fan coverage area large and whether there is a dead angle?

In the case of the same power and the same speed, the air volume generated by the hvls fan operation covers a large area, and if there is no dead angle, the efficiency is very high. The corresponding cost will also be reduced, because installing eight industrial fans is definitely cheaper than ten.

2. Whether the wind blown by the large industrial fan is natural wind

The wind blown by the industrial hvls fan should be very comfortable, covering the entire body part of the man, similar to the feeling of the natural breeze blowing on the body. If the fan generates high-speed wind and makes the body partially cover and cool down, it is also a kind of harm to the body. 

3. Energy saving effect

Whether the installation is cumbersome, does it take up a lot of space, whether it can achieve energy-saving effects, etc., this is an issue that needs to be considered in corporate procurement. Professional companies are also professional and accurate in the installation of industrial fans.