The overall design of Airpole Series is like an umbrella, with Engine series design concept, which makes the applications wider. Airpole is IP55 certificated. Which allow Airpole be used outside.

It is also humanized to be customized as user’s requirements, making it harmonious with the surroundings, stylish, luxurious and modern.


Sports Industry:
Fitness center, gym
Large amusement park, zoos & arboretums, children’s play ground
Traffic Hub:
Airport, high-speed rail station, bus station, metro station, wharf
Commercial Places:
Exhibition center, car showroom, large terminal market, supermarket.


Use high-strength material, such as forged steel, aircraft grade aluminum, solid & safe.
Use fluorocarbon paint technology, high gloss in appearance, brilliant under the light.
High Capacity of heat-transmission:
Featured turbine air-suction effect, improving heat-dissipation.
Use the most qualified components, ensure more than 15-year service life.
Large-scale production, high-integrated, decline in cost, fancy but not expensive.

Main Components Tech


Diamond series fan permanent   magnet synchronous motor is dynamic, highly efficient, long-life, low noise, and wide rang of   speeds, especially the feature of power output of unit volume can make   the fan be used to those places with strict requirements of size &  weight. Thus these excellent features make our fans have a wide range of applications, such as in industrial control field, auto industry and aerospace.

Control Sytem

Adopt high performance vector and high frequency carrier technology to make the fan start smoothly and run noiseless. Long life devices escort: digital potentiometer, knob switch, electrolytic capacitor and other simple operation, easy to use: save worry, effort and time! 

Fan Blade

High strength aircraft grade magnalium, fluorocarbon paiting   on surface, aerodynamic fan blade design. Patented Kale  Airfoil Blades™ with reinforcing rib supports system inside, enhance the strength of fan blades and avoid sagging of fan   tail and fatigue loss of connecting components.

SKF bearing

Use SKF bearing, CNC high precision carving technology, high precision assembly, which guarantees the stability of transmission system and service life.


Model Size Air volume Max speed Fan weight Power Full load current Noise level
SHVLS-L8BAA42 14ft(4.2m) 7550m³/min 76RPM 0.4KW 2.0Amps/220V <43.0dB(A)
SHVLS-L8BAA36 12ft(3.6m) 6560m³/min 90RPM 0.3KW 2.0Amps/220V <43.0dB(A)
SHVLS-L8BAA30 10ft(3.0m) 5530m³/min 100RPM 0.2KW 2.0Amps/220V <43.0dB(A)
SHVLS-L8BAA24 8ft(2.4m) 4550m³/min 120RPM 0.15KW 2.0Amps/220V <43.0dB(A)


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