EURUS III series hvls ceiling fan is based on the development of the PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) technology. The maximum diameter can be up to 7.3 meters. The product combines aerodynamic technology, transmission dynamics, PWM control technology, mechanical mechanics, simulation technology, communication control, industrial design and other comprehensive disciplines. It can promote the circulation of air flow in high efficiency, achieve the purpose of lowering the temperature of personnel, and greatly improve the environmental comfort.


Sports Industry
Fitness center, gymnasium
Large amusement park, zoos & arboretums, children’s playground
Traffic Hub
Airport, high-speed rail station, bus station, metro station, wharf
Commercial Places
Exhibition center, car showroom, large terminal market, supermarket


Use high strength material, such as forged steel, aircraft grade aluminum, solid & safe.
Use fluorocarbon paint technology, high gloss in appearance, brilliant under the light.
High Capacity of heat-transmission
Featured turbine air suction effect, improving heat-dissipation.
Long life
Use the most qualified components, ensure more than 15 years service life.
Best Choice
Large scale production, high integrated, decline in cost, fancy but not expensive.

Main Components Tech

PMSM Motor

EURUS III adopts PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) technology, unique external rotor high torque design, compared with the traditional asynchronous motor, eliminating the frictional energy consumption of the gearbox, the maximum torque of 300N.m, while the greater advantage is that it can output a more stable air volume, making EURUS III full load air volume reached 888000m³/h, which exceeds the air volume of common products in the market by more than 30%, and has been highly evaluated by the market once it was launched.

Control System

Schneider electrical sets, with build-in safety protection module which will interrupt the output automatically in case of some accidents.

Germany brand control cabinet, passed EMC by SGS and CCC certificates, meanwhile, passed anti-creeping tests which shields electromagnetic interference effectively. Protection level is IP55, passing UL, EMC,LVD, ROHS certificates.

Dovetail Power Fan Blade

Advantage 1: Safety Structure Design

Advantage 2: More air volume and wider range

Advantage 3: Higher air layer

The dovetail blade design is inspired by bionics and is the result of in-depth hydrodynamic optimization. 

The fan blade is combined with a new safety structure, making the dovetail power fan blade a breakthrough design in the HVLS industry. There will be significant improvements in air volume, wind layer, coverage, and safety performance!

Connector for Fan Blade

KALE unique patented jacket-type connector adopt three cold forging process + magnetic force grinding process + anodic oxidation process, aviation hard aluminum 7050 aging heat treatment, certificated by the national quality inspection center, it bears more than millions of times of fatigue experiment, completely solve the break and drop problem caused by long time running!

Aerodynamics Winglet

The kind of empennage is always seen among airplanes and motorcycle races, but it’s not designed for beauty. Eddies will be formed in the end of the streamlined fan blade while airflow is running. With winglet, this part of energy loss will be avoided, fan will run steadily, which will bring economic effect.


Model Size Air volume Max speed Fan weight Power Full load current Noise level
HVLS-D6AAA73 24ft(7.3m) 14800m³/min 56RPM 124kg 1.5kW 4.9Amps/220V <40.0dB(A)
HVLS-D6AAA61 20ft(6.1m) 12900m³/min 60RPM 120kg 1.1kW 4.4Amps/220V <40.0dB(A)
HVLS-D6AAA55 18ft(5.5m) 12200m³/min 65RPM 112kg 1.0kW 4.0Amps/220V <40.0dB(A)
HVLS-D6AAA49 16ft(4.9m) 11500m³/min 75RPM 108kg 1.0kW 4.0Amps/220V <40.0dB(A)

Installation Condition

We have an experienced engineering team on electricity, machanism and architecture who will provide the most reasonable installation plan for different structures according to stress analysis, and can install fans for qualified structures.

We all know that installation is a very vital process, so during it, strict norms & installation standards and our profession must eliminate all your doubts.

1. Customized installation plan;

2. Well-equipped with life truck;

3. Rich experience to debug the level, height and balance;

4. Dynamic balance test, make sure to run steadily;

5. Fasteners with torque standard, achieve the best fastening;

6. Brief & scientific installation process.


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